Fontenay-le-Comte is located in the DĂ©partement of VendĂ©e (85) (pronounced “vahn-DAY”) and is part of the larger region known as Pays-de-la-Loire (18).

Points of Interest in Fontenay-le-Comte

The 16th century Chateau de Terre-Neuve is classified as a historical monument and is open for tours.

Nearby Places of Interest

Wine Country

Numerous wineries and vineyards dot the French landscape, whose weather is perfect for growing grapes. Fontenay is in the middle of “Wine Country”, which proudly produces Pinot and Pisset wines.

l’Abbaye de Nieul-sur-l’Autise / The Royal Abbey of St. Vincent

The Abbey of Nieul sur l’Autise was founded in 1068. In the 12th century it was granted the status of Royal Abbey by Eleanor of Aquitaine, then queen of France.

The abbey’s Romanesque cloister is the only one in western France to have been preserved intact. It features fantastic wood carving and beautiful sculptures. A courtyard next door is surrounded by the monks’ quarters. Tours are available in several languages, including English.

l’Abbaye de Maillezais / the Abbey of Maillezais

This Benedictine abbey, once the burial place of the dukes of Aquitaine, was built in 1003 on an island in the Golfe des Pictons and is architecturally unlike any other in Poitou Saintonge.

This castle was built in the 1100s. The door was originally on another castle in northern France. There are several buildings on this site, including the castle, an underground salt room, cooking area and graveyard.

le Marais Poitevin / the Poitou Marshes

A trip through the Marais Poitevin by boat provides a leisurely view of the countryside and the flora and fauna. It offers incredible landscapes of canals winding through a natural setting and is known as “the Green Venice” (la Venise verte).


This quaint French town is just outside of Fontenay.
The legend of Vouvant
Roman art in Vouvant (in French)

Seaside City of La Rochelle / La Rochelle (in English)

La Rochelle is a city located less than an hour’s drive from Fontenay and is the hub of arts activity. This is the place to see dance, music, ballet and other art performances, many of which have been produced in Paris. Artists create chalk drawings on the plaza and there are hundreds of shops to visit. It is a wonderful place to walk the day away. There are 365 restaurants in La Rochelle. The city is located directly on the Atlantic Ocean; there are many sailboats to see in its harbor.

Les Sables d’Olonne / Les Sables d’Olonne (in English)

Fine sandy beaches facing due south, 10km of wild coastline, forests, dunes and marshes and lots of sunshine.